Mark Hartzheim
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The Janáček Projekt
The Janáček Project
2004 was the year of Leoš-Janáček: not only would the Moravian composer have been 150 years old (1854 - 1928), but it was also the 100th anniversary of the premiere of his opera Jenufa in Brno in the Czech Republic. For this reason a group of artists was formed which concerned itself with the life and work of Janácek. The culmination of this project was a "wandering exhibition" which began in Brno and ended in Cologne.
My approach to Janáček's oeuvre did not consist of translating his music into a pictorial language, but rather visually responding to the sheet music itself. Fragments of various scores inspired me to "answer" the musical signs with marks of my own, be they gestural, rhythmical or scriptural.

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