Mark Hartzheim
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On the Road Rhythms
On the Road Rhythms
From September 2018 to May 2019 my wife and I travelled throughout the USA in an RV. Within the narrow confines of the van it was only possible to draw; painting was out of the question. A small notebook of staff paper, a gift from a friend, provided the necessary impetus for a new series of drawings which document the journey.
The titles reflect places, moods or the time of year. Turning Point, which was done at year's end, also indicates a new direction: Instead of emphasising the lyrical strokes, the background has now been fully integrated as well, creating atmosphere and shapes which hold the balance with the linear elements.
As I began by rapidly drawing on several pages of the booklet before going back to add grey values or color, the graphite strokes left their impression on the opposite pages, creating reverse images. Rorschach Rhythms, the only double-paged drawing, takes advantage of this effect.
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